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This extremely powerful Series of Modules, led by Dr. Jere, explores 20 Techniques in clearing Shadow Body distortions, and activating your DNA.


Flame Body provides instruction for the seeker, to unlock the potentiality of embodying sufficient energy, for the process of cellular transmutation and biological Stargate passage (becoming able to transmute the physical, atomic body to pass through a Stargate). The intention set in studying Flame Body is to clear Shadow Body distortions, and embody Heliotalic Source Frequencies.


We progressively heal and merge our Radial Bodies through the use of Veca Codes and Flame Body Techniques. This helps prepare our DNA to receive, and hold, higher Oscillating Frequencies from the D-12 and higher.

Flame Body DNA Accelerations

  • Refund Policy

    JRD LTD adheres to a 7-day FULL REFUND sales policy and a strict NO REFUND after 7 days. If you cannot attend the online program or course, you must call or email 30 days prior to scheduled event in order to be eligible to receive a full 100% credit which will be applied to future online programs, courses, or events.

    "NO SHOWS" DO NOT qualify to receive ANY credit due to failure to comply with above-mentioned cancellation policy.

    To receive full credit for a canceled program you must email for a credit authorization number. This number must be provided when registering for any future live event, seminar, workshop, or retreat.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email

    405 Marsh Ave., 3rd Floor

    Reno, NV 89509

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