Forget everything you thought you knew. This Sacred Sexuality Series (Levels 1 & 2) discusses, and discloses, the truth about Sexuality—one of the most misunderstood human experiences. Explore the Quantum Physics of Sex and First Creation Process. Learn the difference between finite-life, “orgasm,” vs. the Eternal-Life, Sacred Sexuality “UR-gasm.” This series of modules dives into the application of Quantum Morphogenetic Physics as it relates to Eternal-Life Sacred Sexuality. What is the correlation between our sexual organs and our cosmic anatomy? Understand the multidimensional level concepts of Field Blending, Quantum Spark Generation, creating your own personal Stargate, and fine-tuning your Materialization potential while celebrating Connection to Source. Learn techniques to reverse mutate your Elements. Regain command of your Elementals.

Sacred Sexuality Levels 1 & 2

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