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About Dr. Jere

JERE RIVERA-DUGENIO LTD Consulting offers revolutionary consulting services

in the areas of DNA morphogenetic reprogramming and BioRegenesis lifestyle. 


Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, PhD
Founder | CEO

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, PhD is an inventor, quantum morphogenetic physicist with a PhD in Natural Medicine from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Jere specializes in advanced scalar-plasma energy technologies, quantum morphogenetic field physics and the larger paradigm of science known as the 15-Dimensional Unified Field Physics. Currently, Dr. Jere is currently obtaining his genetics and genomics certificate  at Stanford University. Dr. Jere has several  paradigm-disruptive, peer-reviewed published papers at the International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER).

Dr. Jere is the president of The GC Rivera Foundation, a non-profit medical-surgical-integrative medicine organization and founder of The BioRegenesis Experience  He is also co-owner of Bridgeway Senior Care Center in Bridgewater, NJ. He has lectured and presented his research findings at Fran Drescher's Health Summit, The Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, The Best Answer for Cancer Conferences and Autism One. 

In 2000, Dr. Jere underwent a powerful near-death experience (NDE) that shifted his consciousness from a 3-dimensional to a multidimensional perceptual understanding of First Creation Physics and the formation of morphogenetic scalar fields. Unlike modern day researchers who base their theories on 3-dimensional experiments, during his near-death experience (NDE) Dr. Jere experienced the true nature of dark matter, morphogenetic fields, which hold the blueprint upon which units of consciousness create our holographic reality.

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