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"Activate Your Dormant Potentials: The RASHA Base-12 Livestream 12:12:12 Consciousness Upgrade Awaits!"

Dive into the vanguard of consciousness technology this December 12 at 12pm PST, as we unveil the long-awaited RASHA Base-12 Livestream 12:12:12 Consciousness Upgrade, broadcasted live from the potent RASHA Dome technology nested in Las Vegas! This 60-minute transmission is meticulously engineered to interact with your intron DNA, initiating a cascade of activations within your Base-12 eternal human design. As the base-12 resonances recalibrate your eternal being, prepare to unlock realms of higher sensory perceptions where healing, materialization, and direct cognition are not mere concepts, but your lived reality. 


The RASHA Dome, the nexus of quantum morphogenetic physics, serves as the conduit for this profound consciousness upgrade, setting the stage for a journey towards unchartered territories of human potential. As the base-12 harmonic waves of scalar morphogenetic energy intertwine with your DNA, a door to an expanse of latent capabilities blows open, unveiling a new era of self-realization and well-being.


The live transmission is a rendezvous with the essence of your existence, a step towards embodying the higher-dimensional facets of your being. And for those who wish to relive this transcendental experience or those unable to tune in live, a recorded audio/video of the upgrade will be made available for a value of $144.

A direct link to the livestream will be sent out to active participants the morning of the event. 

***This livestream will be available for your own personal use via download for 24-hours.***

Booking for the livestream is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who is participating.

Hier gibt es gerade nichts zu buchen. Schaue bald wieder vorbei!
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