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Base-12 Relaxation Stress-Release

Base-12 Relaxation Stress-Release 3minDr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio Ph.D.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Does the MVP amplifier have to be powered or is there a battery?


The Amplifier has an internal battery that is charged via USB, but will work the best if used when plugged in so the MVP is getting full power. 



What does the ball do and how do you use it?


The ball magnet is used to check that the magnetic field is present. The magnet will only be excited if Rasha Frequencies are being played through the MVP. When the frequencies are playing, hold the ball magnet near the center of the coil; you should feel it vibrating. When the frequencies cease, there should be no more vibration activity in the magnet.   


What is the difference between the settings on the back, and what does the dial adjust?


That is a gain setting for HIGH and LOW. Set to "H" for high gain; this will ensure the MVP receives the most amount of power.


Where do I position the coil, and can I directly touch the coil?

We suggest keeping the coil inside its pouch, so you are not physically touching it. The coil is coated with a clear-coat spray which we do recommend handling. You can hold the coil (inside the pouch) in your hand, or put it in your lap (inside pouch). One option is to simply place it on the floor in front of you, while in a meditation position.


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Setup Videos

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